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As the Custodians of Customer Service CCAZ is committed to raise Customer Service awareness in every sector without only focusing on Contact Centres. Customer Service experts worldwide argue that Customer Experience is the new battle ground for competitors in the industry. Prices and products can be copied but Customer Experience is unique with every organization and it plays a pivotal role in customer retention. To make sure that CCAZ encompasses all sectors in the Customer Service awareness CCAZ has added customer service and customer experience masterclasses for the Health and Tourism staff to their calendar of events in a bit to broaden their scope. These two respective masterclasses will be held in April. As a membership driven organisation, CCAZ saw it fit to not only offer corporate membership but also an individual membership package with a lot of benefits. 

An Executive Knowledge Breakfast meeting for executives and top management is also scheduled for the 21st of March where Rod Jones a globally recognised Customer Experience Consultant and strategic contact centre advisor with over 40years experience will be touching on topics like business opportunities and the roles of both the government and private sector at a macro level. This breakfast meeting will precede the Call Centre Masterclass (second edition for 2018) which will be held at the same venue from the 22nd to the 23rd of March. A 3day Customer Experience Winter School is also set to be held at the Troutbeck Resort from the 30th of May to the 1st of June. July 25th to the 27th a 2day Contact Centre Exchange programme is to be held in Johannesburg and the red carpet Service Excellence Awards at a regional level where Zimbabwe will be presented by all organisations that scooped the awards in their respective sectors at the 6th edition of the Service Excellence Awards held last year in October.
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