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Welcome to the Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe (CCAZ)

Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe (CCAZ) is a non-profit making national body focused on uniting the Zimbabwe contact centre/customer service industry, its people and growing its standards to global excellence by being the first point of contact in Zimbabwe. CCAZ is a renowned credible industry body in partnership with local and international associations, call/contact centre investors, call/contact centre and customer service companies, technological vendor suppliers, professional bodies and recruitment agencies. The thrust of CCAZ revolves around professional/employees from call centres, contact centres, customer care/services and other related groups. This extends to companies with call centres, customer service centres, technology vendor suppliers and other related companies.


CCAZ is a membership driven organisation. We have two types of membership namely, corporate and individual. Membership is not limited to Zimbabwe only; interested parties from outside the country are free to join .

Call Centre Advisory

The CCAZ has so far helped a lot of companies to improve their service level and thereby increase their customer satisfaction levels. It has helped many organizations to provide better services faster at a lower cost


CCAZ has since its inception hosted some successful national events that have brought together the industry players to network and share ideas towards the development and improvement of the industry.

The Customer

Find out about your customer,ask them what they want. Research. Market surveys can be very useful,but only for a broader markeing vision. CCAZ’s thorough and insighful customer service research shows you exactly what your customers want, and whether you're actually delivering it.

Your Business

Perfect your organisaion’s service delivery. Training.CCAZ's customized and targeted customer service training o€erings ensure that everyone in your business is equipped with the skills necessary to deliver the service that the customer demands.


Apply the best strategy to deliver exceptional service.Deliver a truly memorable experience to every customer that comes through your doors.Consult.We'll show you how. CCAZ prescribes the best strategies for your unique situaion. We do skills audits and customer service audits that helps you use the right people to deliver the right customer experience.


Repeat and perfect towards excellence.Call Centre.From delivering excepional service through a customer service portal,CCAZ can groom you into a world class contact centre that handles all forms of customer interacions. We will help you set up a Call Centre that will help you handle customer interacions more e ciently at a lower cost.


Our valued partners

Our platinum members



Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe offers a platform to various corporations(local & international)to achieve visibility among CCAZ event participants.Sponsorship plays a vital role in any long term marketing strategy by enhancing brand recognition.The CCAZ team is always ready to discuss opportunities available with any willing sponsor.Please feel free to contact us through the following details: Email: training@ccaz.org.zw Email:customerservicezim@ccaz.org.zw Tel: +263 024 2933977/8